Group userroles

Userroles in Mendix are rights-oriented. I'd like to be able to group these rights as an administrator of my web-application and assign these groups to the users. In this way I create an extra layer between roles and users in which I'm able to group the rights-oriented roles. How do I do this?
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A userrole is an entity like everything else. You can create a new entity UserroleGroup with a referenceset to UserRoles. When you assign a UserroleGroup to a user, it simply assigns all the Userroles in the group to the user (the existing User_Userrole association is a referenceset).


Hi Robert,

This is not working for me. I've created an object 'CustomUser' that inherits from 'Account'. Then I created an object 'UserroleGroup' that is connected to 'CustomUser' and 'Userrole', using a reference set.

I started the application in the browser, created a 'UserroleGroup' containing the UserRole 'User' and added this group to a 'Customuser'. After that, I logged out and logged in again with the 'Customuser' credentials. Then I get the following error: "The username or password you entered is incorrect.". It seems that this type of association is not working for userrights.

Do you know what is wrong?