Is it possible to change the Tooltip width?

Hi everybody! A question: is it possible to manipulate the tooltip-width? I would like to have a wider tooltip (to keep the tooltip similar to my NewEdit form). I tried all settings concerning "width" of the tooltip-form I created, but untill now without succes. Is it possible? Perhaps configurable in theme or css-code? I'd like to hear!
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If you mean the default tooltip from a datagrid.

Yes this is possible with CSS.

You can add the following element to your style sheet.

.mendixTooltip {
width: 800px !important; /* Whatever size you like */



Thanks for the answer; this works! (I had a (i think caching issue) but now it works).

One additional questions on this topic - is it also possible to configure the time the tooltip remais visible? Now, when I mouse-over, the tooltip disappears imediately. Can I set this to 1 or 2 seconds?