m2eec problems in the cloud

I have updated my model to the Mendix cloud. I know the last time setting constants gave me also some problems, but I managed somehow. Now it keeps giving me the error that I have to put the constants in the custom section. But I did that. And why should this file be adjusted again after a new upload. Now I can start the model in the cloud. Here is part of the text: custom: "AFASIntegration.ProfitServicesGetConnectorEndPoint" : https://mendix.blablabla.nl/ProfitServices/Getconnector.asmx "AFASIntegration.ProfitServicesUpdateConnectorEndPoint" : https://mendix.blablabla.nl/ProfitServices/Updateconnector.asmx # put microflow constants and other custom config here #Foo: Bar #Baz: [i,am,a,list] #"Module.Constant": text #"Administration.VariableConstant": bla
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You should quote the values as well. (e.g.: "https://bla...") Further the indentation should be correct, every line should start with at least a single space. If you are having trouble with the format in general, note that the file is in YAML format.