License release timeout

I have a few queries about how license consumption works in Mendix. When you are connected to a Mendix production application through a client browser and consuming one of the concurrent licenses, is there a timeout of the session based on last activity? In other words, if you leave the browser open but perform no activity, are you logged out/is the license released after a period? Or is the session kept alive while the browser is open indefinitely? Or is there a web server timeout setting that has an effect. Presumably if you use the logout button the license is release immediately, but what if you just close the browser - is it released immediately or does it timeout? Is there any documentation about how licenses are issued and released?
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The Mendix client sends keep-alive requests as long as it remains open. That means as long as somebody does not close his window or logs out, one license is consumed. If the window is closed without logging out, the session is killed within 5 minutes.