select or create a new entity

In a reference selector I have a reference to a select form. In that select form I can do a single select of an entity from a list of entities. When the entity does not exists I like to create a new entity in a new form. Pressing the save button on that new form should pass the created entity to the reference selector. I don't want the created entity in the list and select it. I think it will be possible with a mircoflow but don't know how to pass the created entity to the reference slector. Is there a solution?
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After you dicover that the record is not available in the select form you can close the select form and then with a microflow trigger create the new entry and then change it in the next step so the relation to the record where the selector is on is set. Then open the newly created entry by a show form activity, fill in the information and press save. Maybe a refresh is needed to show the new entry in the reference selector.