Phone Gap - when to re-publish?

Hi, I've just published my first hybrid app to app stores. Now I started to wonder when I need to publish my app to app stores again and when it's not needed. I know that most of the changes are available for mobile without need to publish new version to app store. I also know that I have to publish new version if I'm introducing functionality that uses new native functions not used before like Camera or GPS. But do I have to publish to app stores when I already used camera before and just add camera widget to another page or I change widget properties? Thanks Adam
2 answers

No, you don't need to publish the app again. The published app contains a wrapper with the PhoneGap plugins that you have enabled. Everything else comes from the server, so once you redeploy to the cloud, you're all set.


You only need to republish if you add any new Phonegap plugin. For example, when you add PushNotifications and Phonegap needs a plugin to operate on that. Other than that, you don't need to republish. The app will check whether or not you have created a new deployment for your app and will download the new components.