Web services that return datasets

I am looking to integrate webservices that return datasets For example: The global weather web service that returns a list of cities based on the input country http://www.webservicex.net/globalweather.asmx?WSDL What is a good way to handle this and display the format in a user friendly manner? Currently the value being returned is a very long string that looks like this on the front end <newdataset> <country>Italy</country> <city>Amendola</city> <country>Italy</country> <city>Crotone</city> .............................................................and the list continues
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Looks like the web service is really just returning a string of XML. The best way to parse it would be to:

  1. Build an XML schema
  2. Import the schema into your modeler using the domain model "Import web service/XML file" button/wizard
  3. Use the "Import XML" activity in your microflow, after you call the web service

For example, I went here and entered Belgium.That returned a string as you describe above. You can copy-and-paste that string into an XSD generator like this one: here

Save that output in a new text file, and name it something like Countries.xsd. Then you can import the XML Schema (the XSD file) into the modeler. If you use the button at the top of the Domain Model "Import web service/XML file", the modeler will create entities and an XML import mapping for you.

Finally, in your microflow, after you call the web service, use the "Import XML" activity to parse your string into domain model objects.