dynamic URL

is it possible to include a URL (maybe w/HTML) in a text box or a label within other text? the user case is a paragraph where one word would be a hyperlink ideally i would like to use the Textarea autogrow widget
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This is possible by using the rich text editor and viewer.


You could use the html snippet widget to display the link. Then using conditional formatting on the table rows have multiple widgets that are shown based on the user language that you can determine with a microflow attribute in the entity (needs to be converted to a boolean of course). This however will only work when you do not have to many languages.

Another option is to use the external link widget together with labels. Let's say the text should be: "For more information click here". First create a column with the label "For more information click ", make sure the render mode is set to header and the text is align to the right. Then the word "here" should contain the link and is entered in a second column by means of the external link widget. Now you would have the complete text with the link and can use the batch translate fucntion to localize the app. When the link should be somewhere in the middle of the sentence an extra column is needed an you'll have to play around with the column sizes.

Hope this helps


unfortunately using the rich text editor means I can't use the batch translate option

one of the options I thought of for handling this issue is creating different text in the app itself for each language, then using an xpath to show the text based on the user's language

is there any better work-around?