Refresh in client issue

The way the application is set up is that there is an entity which has an association to administration.account. This entity has a boolean attribute. When the user visits a page they can click a link which triggers a microflow that changes that boolean. Currently, if a user only has one of these entities associated with their account, everything works as expected - user clicks this link which changes the attribute and refreshes the client. But for some reason if the user has multiple of these entities associated with their account then the attribute still changes but the client does not refresh. I am wondering if anyone could explain why this is happening or has any ideas on how to fix this. Thanks!
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For anyone who happens to stumble across this because having the same/similar problem:

There was a page where the user could change a boolean of the entity and could be reached two ways. One way, through a microflow, would allow the user to change the boolean and the client would refresh. The other way, through a "show page" activity, would bring the user to the same page and allow the user to change the boolean but for some reason would not refresh the client. So the fix was simply to only go to that page by microflow.

This does bring me to the question of why would a show page activity(which was in a list view) be any different than calling a microflow that has a show page activity?


Did you try refreshing the account object instead of the entity object? Sometimes refreshing the parent object helps in these cases.