Progress bar not closing in Mx6.5.1.

While testing our app om Mx6.5.1 we have a strange issue that a closing bar message is not closing after the microflow finishes. We stepped through the microflow and everything seems to be working as it should. We see as last action the page closing and the microflow ending without errors but the blocking progress bar just never closes. After a refresh browser tab all is normal and since the microflow did what it was supposed to do the user can continue, but this should not be happening. Anybody else seen this kind of behaviour in Mx6.5.1? Regards, Ronald
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Hi Ronald,

Unfortunately I got the same problem. I have set the microflow settings to progress bar and synchronous, and removed the before commit flows as you suggested in one of the comments. However I still got the issue one out of 5 times. It is weird though that it is not every time. Since you have had this problem about a month ago, have you gained some further insight in this problem? I would like to learn from your experience.



I had the same problem. You can find the cause by using CTRL-SHIFT-J in your browser. The browser will show all things it could not resolve. The cause of the problem is in there :-)