Specialised objects via a published app or web service

Hi there, I was wondering if any one has ever tried to publish a specialised object via a web service or app service, since I cannot find a way to provide this. The specialised object has no associations with other object, but the generalised object has. So for example (bad example) let's say that we have an object called person. It has an association (-) with address. Address has a specialisation MailAddress. Person - Address MailAddress (inherits Address). The MailAddress object with its own attributes I cannot seem to use. Has anyone gotten this issue before and how to solve this? Thanks.
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I ran into this issue over a year ago and I filed a bug report for it. It seems it hasn't been implemented yet.

You could solve this by creating a new kind of address for use in web services and expose that. Then map the address in your applicatie to that exposed address.