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Hi, A question on reporting, I have created tabular reports using the report widgets in form and created documents using the document template and downloaded to PDF. I can't seem to create a printable tabular report, for example a list of order with associated order lines between two dates etc. I'm sure I must be missing something but with documents templates I only seem to be able to pass a single record to the microflow. Soprinting a single order seems to be simple but prinint all order bettwen a range to a PDF not. Any help as always gladly excpeted. Regards Nick Ford
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I'm not sure what you mean when you are talking about tabular reports, but reporting on order with orderlines to pdf can be adchieved by creating a microflow that retrieves the list of orders then create a new filedocument followed by a generate document action to pdf and then using the downlaod action. The document template should exist of a template grid for the orders and in the template grid a datagrid with the orderlines. This assumes a relation between orders and orderlines being 0:1 (hierarchical view of the domain model). Make sure that the grid in the template grid is of course filled with the entity orderline_order/orderline entity.

I hope this helps.