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Hi, I have a relationship A - B (1:m) and when selecting an object B, I display a form with a dataview for that particular object. I'm trying to display a simple chart (pie or bar) containing 3 numeric fields for that particular object (no need to do any math operation as it has all been previously calculated). In the simple chart, when I specify the entity (B), I'm assuming that it will retrieve all objects of that entity type, although I just want to show the current one I have selected. I've tried to constraint each of the chart series to '[%CurrentObject%]', but that doesn't seem to work at all. I really need to show details for specific object of entity B, not all objects of entity B. Is there a way to constain it to current object only? Plotting individual points is obviously for all objects and showing 'first only' would not guarantee that I would get the object I have selected to display in form. Help?! LR.
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Hi Michel,

I'll try to summarise as it could take me a while to explain the context of the app. I have entities such as A-B-C-D-E that are one-to-many respectively from A down to E. Project (entity B) has a number of fields that will simply display values that have been calculated from all objects of entity (E). So in my simple chart I just want to display the valus that have been already stored for that particular project, not all the values for all projects. Hope it makes sense.

The constraint is only ['[CurrentObject]'] for each serie.

series and form bellow.


project data view

Many thanks. LR.


Hi Luis,

Can you post a screenshot of your form and one of the chart series? Furthermore the exact constraint would be useful. I do not completely understand your configuration. Do you want to show data from A or from B, and is the dataview that surrounds the widget of type A or type B?