Process non persistent list in batches

I have a non persistent list which I would like to process in batches. The list already exists in my microflow and I want to process this list in a batch without having to create the list in a batch. Would it not be easier to just be able to say, give me the first 500 in this list and so on, until the list has been processed.
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Hi Charles, I have a list of import stock records, these records are non persistent. I have created a java action that retrieves all the SKU's of these stock records at once, to avoid multiple database retrieve actions for each SKU. But if the list is too big, then the java action fails due to long running script. So I want to retrieve the SKU's in batches based on batches of the Stock list. I know I can use a work around to loop over the list and create a new list with a count, but that just sounds unnecessary difficult. Cutting up a list would be far more logical.