Database replication v1.0 - App Store Module instructions?

I need to train one of our potential partners on the database replication module and the documentation does not provide any instructions. (The excel importer documentation doesn't work either.) I see that creating a new table mapping from "TableMapping_Overview" is the first step, however, what are the dependencies and how does the MX app connect to the external DB? Also, have you added any additional support for other types of database? Please advise. Thanks!
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Using the database replication takes

  1. Add MxModelReflection module and add MxObjects_Overview to your menu. choose Sync Objects after deploying.
  2. Add Database_overview and TableMapping_overview to your menu
  3. Define a connection to a database in Database_Overview
  4. Goto TableMapping_Overview and create a mapping between your entity and the database data. Choose the connection made in 3.
  5. Always choose one field as key, probably a unique id in the db.
  6. Add mappings by attribute, startobject etc.
  7. Run import. It syncs existing data.

For related tables: use 'Association' mapping and choose keys carefully.