Accessing REST Published Services from Cloud Node Environments

Hi all, I've gone through the blog posts and webinar for REST integration in Mendix. All the resources I've seen so far indicate that the REST services can be viewed via <app url="">/rest/. I've got this to work when running the application locally and in the sandbox. However, when I try to use that path from a deployed licensed cloud node environment (in this case the Test environment), it gives me a 404 Not Found error message. This exact thing also happens when I try to go to <app url="">/ws-doc/ in the licensed environments. Is there another path that I have to access to see my application's published REST services in cloud environments, as opposed to local and sandbox?
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You'll need to configure the request handlers for the environment. Go to your project on and select the deploy menu. Then in the environment goto the details and select the tab network. Scroll down to the request handlers and add the needed request handlers for the different environments