Exception on inline edit in a grid of a float with the wrong decimal symbol

I'm using inline edit in a grid to store numbers in a set of columns. Sometimes the numbers are not stored, without notice. Checking the console, I did see a java exception. Problem arises when I store 2,6 instead of 2.6. On my computer, the dot symbol is the decimal char. 2.6 is stored in the UI (?) as a NaN, which causes the exception. Apart from this being a problem (something is going wrong, but the user is not being informed), the system gets in a state in which it cannot do anything anymore. Only a complete refresh helped. Just closing forms etc. still kept the action manager going on about the NaN. I found out that a textbox in a data view is changing the comma in a dot by itself, which is why no problem occurs in that case. I guess I have two questions: 1) I can't find a way to validate the input before the exception occurs. The system is doing fine when an alpabetical characters is stored - a clear message is shown and the system is in a good state. I tried the validation rules on the entity and the events, but both are triggered to late. 2) Is this an error on inline edit of a datagrid that is going to be fixed or do I just have to deal with it? Thanks for reading! (Firefox)
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Please file an issue in the Support Portal. We will see what solution we can provide.