Is it possible to trigger browse functionality in mf and custom button?

Hi guys I am making use of the image uploader. I want to reach these: 1- that after that the image is chosen through "browse" the user goes further to another microflow in order to crop the image. 2 - custom browse button, now I can just change the browse text through system texts which will applied to all browse buttons, which I don't want but here only. Do you have any advice to reach these ?
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Here's the CSS trick.

Give your filemanager widget a css class, e.g. myuploader

Then add the following styling trick to your css

.myuploader .mx-fileinput-upload-button {
   font-size: 0px;

.myuploader .mx-fileinput-upload-button:before {
   font-size: 12px; /* asuming this is your fontsize; change, if needed */
   content: "custom button text";


Regarding cropping images: See

Regarding the specific button text: - Maybe this specific text can be achieved with some CSS/JS tricks. - Otherwise you will need a widget which will open the select file dialog via JS I think. Although I would not go there unless absolutely necessary.