Chaining Forms with Microflows

Hi, I have a form that calls a microflow to save the object, what I want the microlfow to do is open another form to add an associated record. I seem to be able to call a form that has a datagrid and pass the input paramter to it, however, I want to call a form that has a dataview through which I can add in this case an associated employee record. Hope this makes sense. Any help gladly expected. Regards Nick Ford
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Hi Nick. You don't describe the entity structure clearly, so here are some scenarios that might help:

1) Assuming that you have form A open (to be saved), and form B related to it (which you want to open as a data view), to then create a linked record in form C (employee record).

In your microflow, the first action is to save the changes to the current form A record. It should then use the relationship to form B to retrieve the record in form B to be opened. You can then do a Show form action for form B and you will have the option to be able to pass the retrieved record to the new form from your microflow.

2) There is a direct relationship between form A and the employee form. Add a datagrid to form A displaying the linked employee records using the relationship between the two. Use the standard New button to create a new employee record and it will set the relationship automatically.

3) Create a temporary entity to store which record you are working on from form A and the current user. This entity should have an association with form A. As the first action of your microflow create or update a record in this temporary form linked to the current user and to the current record from form A. If you need to, you can then retrieve this record from another microflow using the link to the current user, and retrieve the record you were working on from form A, so you can use that to set relationships as needed. Delete the temporary record when you have finished with it.

Hope one of these helps.