Login problem when changing user language

We are testing the conversion of our app from Mx5 to Mx6 and we encounter a very strange problem. When a user changes his or her default language from Dutch to English the person can not login the application anymore. The result is the blank page after login (the one you also get when one of the widgets is misbehaving in Mx6). I captured the javascript session and compared the dutch account vs the english account. First the dutch account And now the english account Notice that the javascript lines are identical up to the point that for the english account after the _CheckBoxMixin.js the number.js is loaded (dojo/cldr/nls/en/number). This is used to retrieve the English number settings. No errors are thrown, nothing in the console, the whole process just stops. My assumption is that this is not a external widget fault but that some internal widget is causing this. I see that the NumberTextBox.js uses localization and that one has been loaded just before. And the ones after it are all mxclientsystem javascript that is being loaded. Anybody a guess what might be the problem here? Regards, Ronald [EDIT] The problem was the simple chart widget. Removing this widget resolved the problem. Thanks to Jaap Pulleman for finding the cause.
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Did you try index-console.html to output debug statements from widgets?