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Is it me or is there some bug in the I have played with custom styling before, but for some reason the default styling will not adjust itself. I follow the new tutorials, zip the files I made and import them in the modeller. But what ever I do they will not show up. Even stylings from old customers will not load. It looks like the styling gets overwritten by the default styling. I thought the normal procedure was that when you select a styling in settings/disk location theme this styling would be used instead of the default styling. Or am I missing something? [EDIT] I always get the theme selector with the standard themes even if I tell the model to use a custom file. Deleting the gzip files does not help. Has the custom theme also to be gzipped?
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What do you mean by "the default styling will not adjust itself"? When you select a theming in your project settings and deploy, it should work. Maybou you should clear your cache or clean your deployment folder. In had a bug with theming, see this post. Try to delete the .gzip files in your deployment\web\ folder. But I didn't notice this bug in The only way to exactly know which theming is in use, is firebug. You can trace back which css files are loaded.

Edit: So you have downloaded a custom theme zip. Where did you do that and did you really changed this theme? After changing a html or css file you need to rezip this file into your theming zip.