Display footer in HTML Document (Template)

I've created a report using a document template. In the report I used a footer to display data that should be the same on every page. When I open the document as a PDF, the footer is displayed. When I open the document as HTML (ant try to print this HTML), the footer is not displayed. How do I fix this?
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There is no such thing as pages/footers in HTML, so this cannot be done. HTML is not really ment for printing but for viewing on the web and the only thing defining pages would be how much information fits in your browser window. I recommend printing the PDF.


Hi Tijl / Bas (and others),

I agree that in PDF you have pages and in html you have not. Still I would have expected the header and footer, on top and on the bottom of the loaded (html) page. Reason: there is a header / footer defined in the template so why not print it? Can be useful in case you want to include your corporate style in the header etc. or some info in your footer.

For this reason I filed a bugreport (low prio); I think it's more consistent.

[This message is also to avoid having more than 1 bugreport on this issue: I have submitted one.]