Which .mxf to choose for setting the conditional loader?

I want to use the conditional loader (welcome.mxf) to redirect users in a certail user-role to a grid. Therefore I can set the form.mxf in the welcome.mxf. When I open my \web\forms\nl_NL\Module\grids path there are 10 xml files with the same form name. Only the number (which is new in the 2.4.3) is different. Which one should I choose to put in my conditional loader? And what is the difference between the different xml files?
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Like Johan said in an earlier answer in this question, the naming of the datagrids has changed. So the conditional loaders that show grids have to be changed as well.

You should have to search in folder web/forms/moduleName/... to find out what the new name is of your form. the path should be almost the same as it was in 2.4.2 only the filename should be different.

But it might be a better idea to use microflows instead of a conditional loader. If I interpret your question correctly you only have to show some forms you have created in the modeler. If that is the case and you don't have some fancy forms with images, buttons and things like that (like the mxdn application). Than a microflow could do the exact same thing only easier to support.

Just create a microflow that tries to find a user role for the current user. if it has the role you are looking for (for instance an admin role) open the form that should be shown for that role (the admin startpage)


Go to you navigation, select the top item: 'Menu bar' in the property list on the right side of the screen you see only one property 'Home' press the button from that property.

A pop-up appears, now select the microflow you want to use.


Thanks. But how do I interpret your answer and the answer of Johan (a similiar topic)

Solution: change the following line (for each widget definition):


The name for the xml config file (including the number, which is random) can be found in the corresponding .mxf file.

Johan states you have to look in the /grids. Any idea?


You should add the .mxf file in the \web\forms\nlNL\Module\ directory in the conditional loader. I don't know for sure, but I think the xml files in the \web\forms\nlNL\Module\grids directory are data grids that you use in one form, the numbers are used as identifiers that the client uses to find the data grids that you use in your form. This is necessary when you use multiple data grids in one form (for instance in tab pages).

I hope this will work.


Thanks, that should work indeed.

How do I execute the microflow after login?