SDK - position MicroflowObjects in Microflow

How do I position things in microflows? I am able to create an InputParameter, StartEvent, EndEvent and three CreateVariable activities, and the proper SequenceFlows between them, however, they are all placed on top of eachother. Currently, I am doing the following (summarized): let mf = microflows.Microflow.createIn(module); let objCol = microflows.MicroflowObjectCollection.createInMicroflowBaseUnderObjectCollection(mf); let action = microflows.ActionActivity.createIn(objCol); const coordinates = getCoordinatesForMicroflow(microflowToAdd, activity, 1); action.relativeMiddlePoint.x = coordinates.width; action.relativeMiddlePoint.y = coordinates.height; console.log('DEBUG: ' + action.qualifiedName + ' @ ' + action.relativeMiddlePoint.x + ', ' + action.relativeMiddlePoint.y); action.size.height = 60; action.size.width = 120; let createVariable = microflows.CreateVariableAction.createIn(action); The debug message returns different coordinates for each MicroflowObject, but the modeler does not seem to recognize this.
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Take a look there should be some example code here to help you with what your looking for.