Attribute length

Hi, is there any way to set the length of the attribute not less than some number? E.G. in my project there is an requirement where they want the attribute to be integer as well as the length should not be less than 8 numbers.
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That is not attribute length requirement but should be done in a validation microflow.


Hi Iqbal,

The max length property of a textbox determines the total number of digits that the user can enter. Chris is right in that you would have to use a validation microflow. You can do this in two ways:

  1. Create a before commit event handler which would check the number of digits the user entered and return true/false and a validation message accordingly.
  2. Use a custom save button in place of the regular save button and do the same validation in the microflow.

If you only need that validation functionality in this particular instance, I would recommend using the custom save button, since the event handler will be triggered whenever any object of the entity is about to be committed.