Get a value from associated record

finally I managed to get a workflow working and it is filling my database. However I don't understand way some values cannot be retrieve through associations. Example; In my MF I create a record (order-entity). Next step is to change this new created record. One of the fields is: description. I would like to set the description to a value of an associated entity. I have the entity Order which is associated to the entity Product. so I want to get the description of the product in the order entity. I use the following syntax to set de description: $Order/Order_Product/?????? <- Here I would expect the Product-entity, but in my list I cannot select this entity. Only enums and some other objects. But not the associated product-entity. I hope I could make myself clear what I would like to achieve.
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Form your description I gather the following: You have a microflow that creates an Order. You want to change the order entity with a description of an associated entity product. Some questions: Did you create the product in the MF? If not and the products are already available did you associate the product in the MF with the Order? So in other words in a change object action did you set the association to the product? You'll have to make sure that the product entity record is available in the MF in order to use the values.


Hi Erwin,

correct. The MF creates the order. In my domainmodel there is an association between order en product-description.

I'm changing the order-entity in the MF. No product-entity is created in the MF.

It is in the change-object where I want to set some values. As I tried to describe I want to set the attribute 'Description' of the new created order-entity (which I'm changing now).

But based on you answer, I added an other Action which retrieves the correct product-entity first. Then in the change action I can use the description to the description of the product I retrieved.

so that is oke for now. I'm sure there maybe better ways, but I stick to this one for now.