Java obfuscation and error messages

For valid reasons Mendix has replaced the readable code tags with text like: gy.Message and ay.MessageX. Now it says for example : gy: Change object 'X' should not be null. Can you leave the meaningless 'gy:' out? Yes: We have to solve this error and handle it more elegant, but every now and then they pop up :-(
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The reason we include those obfuscated messages is that they allow us to help debug your problem if you can't figure out what went wrong. Ideally, you would try/catch any possible error-prone activities in microflows so that they don't bubble up to the UI.

However, if you run into any cases where you can't do stuff like this and you'd still like to get rid of the obfuscated classname prefix, you're more than welcome to submit a ticket in our support portal. This might be something that we can do something about.