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It appears the Mendix SDK creates empty page titles. Why is this happening? I have the following function: function setPageTitle(page: pages.Page, entity: domainmodels.Entity) { let pageTitle = page.title; if (pageTitle == null) { console.log('DEBUG: page title not found'); pageTitle = texts.Text.createInPageUnderTitle(page); } let set = false; let trList = pageTitle.translations; console.log('DEBUG: translations found: ' + trList.length) trList.forEach(tr => { set = true; tr.text = + ' Overview'; }) if (set == false) { console.log('DEBUG: set was false') let englishText = texts.Translation.createIn(pageTitle); englishText.text = + ' Overview'; englishText.languageCode = 'en_US'; } } In the console, I get the following output: DEBUG: translations found: 1 This is as expected. However, when I now update my model and inspect the page, the title is empty! To understand this, I wrote the following code: function deconstructPageTitle(page: pages.Page){ let title = page.title; console.log('PROPERTIES FOR TITLE'); title.allProperties().forEach(element => { console.log('Property: ' + + ' with value: ' + element.observableValue); }) let translations = title.translations; translations.forEach(translation => { console.log('PROPERTIES FOR TRANSLATION ' + translation.allProperties().forEach(element => { console.log('property: ' + + ' with value: ' + element.observableValue); }) }) } In the console, I now see the following: PROPERTIES FOR TITLE Property: translations with value: [mobx.array] [object Object],[object Object] PROPERTIES FOR TRANSLATION 9180bfcd-091a-4945-9a36-2f588ac08669 property: languageCode with value: ObservableValue@1646[en_US] property: text with value: ObservableValue@1647[] PROPERTIES FOR TRANSLATION ee22e298-f6c8-4431-900c-e528694342c0 property: languageCode with value: ObservableValue@1648[en_US] property: text with value: ObservableValue@1649[Customer Overview] Where did this second translation in the title come from? Why is it empty? How do I fix this? Furthermore, this seems to happen to every translation: this also applies to captions of columns in data grids.
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Hi Rom,

This issue has been fixed in the recently released Mendix Model SDK 2.5.0 (Release notes)

'Fixed a bug with delete deltas not being sent while they should - this e.g. caused 2 translations to be created for the title text of a new page, with the translations having the same language code.'