Error Code 405 Method Not Allowed in REST

Hi all, I've published a microflow that uses POST where the consumer can pass in data that will be processed to the database of the publishing app. I thought this would be pretty straightforward, but I keep getting a 405 Error Code METHODNOTALLOWED when I try to access the service from the browser at App URL/rest/. The underlying microflow accepts a transient object as its only argument, with attributes that match the parameters to be passed in. It creates the corresponding persistent object with the data received and returns a string. The User Management API documentation describes this error code as [a] service exists for this URL, but not in combination with the used HTTP method. I've tried using PUT but with the same result. However, when I switch the HTTPMethod in the CreateMicroflowService microflow to GET, I'm able to access the service from the browser. Can anyone help me figure out what I might be missing or doing wrong here? Thanks!
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You can't access a POST service directly from a web browser. Browsers by default issue a GET request when retrieving a URL.

To test POSTs, you should use something like PostMan