Which (business) templates would you like to see in the App Store?

Please list your favorite app idea and see what others think of it...
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I would like to see a template for a self-service portal for shared service centers. Such a portal would include three different interfaces for at least three different roles:

  • an interface for providers to create and manage their products,
  • an interface for customer to search, select, and buy products, and
  • an administration interface for the shared service center.

I've created several templates that could be added to the template store. They should be available soon. Among others:

  • A questionnaire module where you can administer questionnaires with question sets and a variety of question types; e.g. drop downs, range questions, check boxes, etc. This module has already been used in some projects.
  • A messaging module which you can include in your project for internal messaging. It would be easy to add email functionality to it.
  • I'm currently working on a workflow module that will be used for several projects currently running and will be available in the template store as well. You can administer the work flow, its tasks, documentation of the work flow, scheduling and milestones. The work flow can be assigned to users and user groups.
  • A route planner module. This module is a cool app that gives you an idea of how you could easily include web-services in a Mendix project and create an easy to use, customer friendly interface.

Shortly to be downloaded from the Mendix app store!


My Exchange module of course! This is a module that provides roughly the same functionality as Outlook Web Access and that can be imported into a Mendix project. After this, objects such as email could be coupled with for example a customer or an employee.


Pretty much in line with Johan, but a little bit more specific:

A catalogue functionality which is enriched with specified product information and images. Furthermore, I would like the ability to use product specifications as advanced search options in order to find the right catalogue item. Preferably, there should be a distinction between preferred and standard catalogue items and the provider should be able to exclude the product's visibility in the catalogue.

Product prices should be both based on standard catalogue prices as well as the prices based on customers contracts or price agreements. So, each customer should be able to see their own prices based on agreements with the provider.

I would like to have at least two different user roles which are related to the two catalogue interfaces described below:

  • An administrator interface for the provider to create and update their catalogue items and prices.
  • An interface for customer to search, select, and buy products.

I think that it would be nice to have small templates that you can include in your project to make live a lot easier, things like

  1. Workflow management
  2. Document versioning
  3. Exchange integration
  4. XSD generation based on your metamodel

are all things that can be set up in a generic way so that they can be used by everyone


I would like to have a country enumeration with flags as icon / image!


Basic versions of the following allowing consultants to use them as a starting point for more customized apps:

  • CRM
  • Complaint Management
  • Warehouse Management (basic functionality for material management, supplier management, purchasing and stock)
  • KPI module (would be nice to have a generic model that can be imported in existing implementations)
  • Simple resource planning (no need for Gantt charts etc.)
  • Database mapping module (would be great! The ability to point to a database and use data form it without Java, like the excel import module)
  • a project management portal in which project documentation is well organised (to be entered by mendix employees and customers)

A wiki like module which can be used in all your applications as a system for sharing knowledge. So an organization could define a knowledge base with tutorials, articles, how-to's, information. Basically it should be a support system which could be used in every business application.

Furthermore I would like a advanced user management module which is definitely needed in every application.

More integration with outlook. A calendar or task module which can easily export to outlook. So you could use mendix as a default repository for your contacts, tasks and calendar items and import this data in your outlook.


This forum would be great as an app. Because it gives companies an effective tool for:

  • A forum to solve problems,
  • Harvesting ideas, feature request.
  • Cut down on support costs.

A big plus will be when it's made with Mendix that this tool becomes more suitable for customization, and businesses don't have to hire or use expensive python programmers if they want to change something.


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