POST REST action with Base64 String

Hi all, I have configured a published REST service in my project that accepts data from the consumer using POST and writes to the database. The url params include one for a base64 string which should be decoded to a file and committed. When I send the request without the base64 string, it works perfectly. With the base64 string, I don't get a response from the service, the microflow doesn't run, and the application logs indicate this: HttpParser Full for {} - SCEP@7754cd03{l(/<->r(/,d=true,open=true,ishut=false,oshut=false,rb=false,wb=false,w=true,i=1r}-{AsyncHttpConnection@22e336d8,g=HttpGenerator{s=0,h=-1,b=-1,c=-1},p=HttpParser{s=-10,l=0,c=-3},r=0} Any clue how to fix this? Thanks as always!
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The URL and request headers have a maximum size, so including a base64 string in your URL is the problem here. Instead, I would recommend that you publish a POST service that accepts a JSON payload, and include your base64 string in that JSON.

See the StackOverflow question here.