Best way to show different startpages?

What is the best way to show a different startpage for each different user role? How would the microflow for this work?
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The MF would more or less look like this:

  • Inheritance split with currentUser as input parameter
  • Sequence flows with all objects inheriting from sustem.User + a cast activity
  • Retrieve user roles for each user that is cast
  • Check in split whether the user has a specific user role
  • Sequence flow to activity open form for specific user role

You can leave the inheritance part but I included this since most of the time objects inheriting from system.user only have a limited amount of user roles. You can specify a form not only based on user roles but also e.g. Employee or Client (inheriting from system.user. Object Employee would typically have the userroles Employee and/or Manager).


To show a form for a certain user role;

You can retrieve the user-role based on the current user.

A retrieve action of 1 object which states: retrieve system.userrole with Xpath:


The user role (here 'Prospect') can be found in your User Roles item in your Projext Explorer. Be aware that the name shoudl be exactly the same.

This microflow can be set as a microflow after login. How? To refer to Jasper's answer:

"Go to you navigation, select the top item: 'Menu bar' in the property list on the right side of the screen you see only one property 'Home' press the button from that property.

A pop-up appears, now select the microflow you want to use"


What you could do is create a Microflow that downcasts the current user (from the context) and directs each object inheriting from system.user to a different form (open form activity). From 2.4.3 onwards you can also connect Microflows to menu items. Select the menu bar, go to properties option home where you can select this specific MF. Everytime a user logs in it will be directed to the form you specified in your MF for that object that inherits from system.user. You can also add different logic for different userroles but be aware that a system.user object can have more than one userrole.


Another way to show a different start page for each different user role is to configure it in your theme package. You have to configure the start pages for each different user role with conditional loader in the welcome.mxf file.


Thank you for your answer. How would this microflow work? I would first have to select a list of the CurrentUser's roles and then what exactly?