Version 2.5.3 deployment files issue?

I have noticed since upgrading to version 2.5.3 that the size of the deployment files produced is increasing. It looks like the difference is in the deployment/web/forms/en_US/<module> directory. In earlier versions there were file here like <formname>.mxf In the new version there are files like <formname>_nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.mxf where the nnn's is an 18 digit number. There are multiple versions of these files, and it looks like more are constantly created (each time the application is run in the modeler?) I am up to 35 versions for each form. Is anyone else seeing this increase in deployment size? Is this a bug. Should only one copy of each file be retained?
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Hi David,

In version 2.5.3, we introduced a new format for file names of forms (.mxf files) as part of the improvement that you no longer need to clear your browser cache when you redeploy from the Modeler. As a result of this, forms get a new file name every time you deploy from the Modeler.

At this moment, old forms are not cleaned up. However, you can clean up your deployment directory by choosing Project > Clean deployment directory from the Modeler's menu bar.

Note that if you create a deployment archive (.mda file), the deployment directory is automatically cleaned first, and only the latest form files are put in the archive.

If you think this is a bug, and Mendix should clean the old form files upon each deployment, feel free to add a ticket in our support portal.