Changing the association of an object not recognised by Search

I needed to change the association of an object. I can change this in a MF easily enough. But a Search in a data grid containing the object leaves it appearing in its original place, as if the association change has not taken effect (it has taken effect because the data grid displays the expected data). Does the inbuilt Search have a bug? Have I not changed something I should? Any help appreciated, Thanks, David
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Hello David,

The difference between association and database retrieval is that association looks in memory as well as in the database. I would assume that for some reason you have a discrepancy between memory and association. Are you changing this association in another place?

I would suggest you test this by committing that entity before opening the page, and see if there still is a discrepancy. Another reason why this might happen is association storage, I'm not sure which way your association is stored, but if it's stored in a different object than the one you are saving, your memory will be out of sync.

For example: Entity A has a one-to-many relationship with entity B. The relationship will be stored in B, and if you don't comit B when changing that relationship, your memory will differ from your database.