application cant start

myapp@debian:/root$ m2ee WARNING: Constants not defined: WARNING: - AppCloudServices.EnvironmentPassword WARNING: - AppCloudServices.EnvironmentUUID WARNING: - AppCloudServices.InviteAPI_Location WARNING: - AppCloudServices.OpenIdEnabled WARNING: - AppCloudServices.OpenIdProvider WARNING: - AppCloudServices.PermissionsAPI_Location WARNING: - AppCloudServices.ProfileServiceLocation WARNING: - Chinarai.RegEx_EmailAddress WARNING: - Chinarai.RegEx_Initials WARNING: - Chinarai.RegEx_Password WARNING: - CommunityCommons.enableReleaseLockEvent WARNING: - Pro6PP.AuthKey WARNING: - Pro6PP.Pro6PPLocation WARNING: - Encryption.EncryptionKey WARNING: - Encryption.EncryptionPrefix WARNING: - Encryption.LogNode WARNING: - EmailTemplate.EmailAddressSeparator WARNING: - EmailTemplate.EmailLogRetention WARNING: - EmailTemplate.EmailRetention WARNING: - EmailTemplate.LogNode INFO: Constants defined but not needed by application: INFO: - Module.Constant INFO: - AnotherModule.AnotherConstant ERROR: pid None is not available, but m2ee responds INFO: The application process is running, the MxRuntime has status: created ERROR: Executing get_logged_in_user_names did not succeed: result: -5, message: Admin action 'get_logged_in_user_names' does not exist. INFO: Application Name: Chinarai m2ee(myapp): start ERROR: pid None is not available, but m2ee responds ERROR: Executing create_log_subscriber did not succeed: result: 1, message: An unhandled exception occurred!, caused by: IOException was thrown while trying to create FileSubscriber ERROR: Executing update_appcontainer_configuration did not succeed: result: 1, message: RuntimeServer already registered
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As Frank mentioned, you need to configure the constants in your yaml file.