excel exporter issue with specializations

We encounter the following error when using the Excel exporter appstore module: Caused by: com.mendix.connectionbus.ConnectionBusRuntimeException: There isn't a meta association with name 'Organisation_Person.Organisation_Team_Current' of meta object 'Organisation_Person.Entity'. Which is in fact correct since OrganisationPerson.OrganisationTeam_Current is in fact an association of an object with name Organisation. Organisation is a specialization though of the Object Entity and I would expect that this is properly handled by the module. Setup of the worksheet column is allows me to select the appropriate references (model reflection has run). Can I resolve/workaround this issue or are specializations not supported? Thanks!
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You may also try a different way of exporting via updating the data widgets module and using the javascript action to export to excel from a data grid 2 widget.


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