Deeplink trouble

I am finding myself with some trouble using the deeplink module where encounterd no problems before. I created the following configuration (for anyone who would like to help i can send you the testproject as well): AfterStartupMicroflow: Call startdeeplink -> create deeplink for entity StartpageMicroflow: Call deeplinkHome If false show default home page. when i now try the configuration URL/link/entity/<entityid> it will not work.
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Hi Pieter, hard to tell anything right know. Can you post as well what your modeler log says, and what your firebug NET tab says? (be sure that the 'vasthouden' button is enabled). Especially the first part is important.

You could further check that you did not accidentally empty or remove the accompanying java source (this is the number one reason why people won't get the deeplink working(!)).

A small note: you should avoid changing the module itself, or add something to it, since that will make it hard to update stuff later on.