XPath differ?

In our project I have an issue. Case description: I have a nested data view (AnswersRespondents/Respondent) within another data view (Answers). Two buttons: one in the control bar of Answers and one in the nested view AnswersRespondents/Respondent as a microflow trigger. Both are connected to the same microflow which will lead to the same next form. Within this form there are some data grids with xpath settings. Form 1: |- Data view: Answers |- Nested data view: Answers_Respondents/Respondent | Microflow trigger rendered as button calling Microflow1 passing only enclosing data view object Answers. | Control bar of Data view: Answers Microflow calling Microflow1 passing data view object Answers. Form 2 (that will be shown after calling Microflow1): |- Data view: Answers |- Nested data view: Answers_Questionnaire/Questionnaire | Data grid: Statement_Questionnaire/Statement XPath: [Groeiscan.StatementGrowTheme/Groeiscan.GrowTheme/Number = 1] [Groeiscan.StatementBottleneck/Groeiscan.Bottleneck/Number = 1] Now I've checked it out with firebug and it showed me a very strange thing. The XPaths differ from each other when calling the same microflow from the other "button". = GOOD --> showing the right statements: When calling the microflow from the control bar the XPath retrieve in the data grid is: //Groeiscan.Statement [Groeiscan.StatementQuestionnaire='281517926383622'] [Groeiscan.StatementGrowTheme/Groeiscan.GrowTheme/Number = 1] [Groeiscan.StatementBottleneck/Groeiscan.Bottleneck/Number = 1] [Groeiscan.StatementQuestionnaire=281517926383622] = WRONG --> showing nothing: When calling the microflow from within the nested data view the XPath retrieve in the data grid is: //Groeiscan.Statement [Groeiscan.StatementQuestionnaire='281517926383622'] [Groeiscan.StatementRespondent='281573760958910'] [Groeiscan.StatementGrowTheme/Groeiscan.GrowTheme/Number = 1] [Groeiscan.StatementBottleneck/Groeiscan.Bottleneck/Number = 1] [Groeiscan.Statement_Questionnaire=281517926383622] Where does the second command come from? Does anyone know the answer / solution to this problem? Is it a bug? We would like to call the microflow from within the nested data view. Thanks
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The problem we have here is essentially that somehow, using the same microflow on A) a button inside a nested dataview and B) a button on the control bar of the top dataview, are not producing the same results, even though the microflow is one and the same, and there are no errors.

Both buttons pass the same object on to the microflow, but one does this as passing its 'own' object, the other as passing its 'top' object.

How can the results be different (one micro leads to a datagrid filled with questions, the other leads to an empty datagrid)?