Bug in E-mail module with templates?

Hi all. I found some unexpected behavior using the "E-mail module with templates". When you directly send an email, the 'From' address as saved in the email template is used. When you que an email, the 'From' address as saved in the 'EmailSettings' is used to send the mail. I found out that this is caused in the module's microflow 'Sub_SendQueuedEmail'. In step 'Send Email (Java action)' not to from address in $email is passed, but the from address from the EmailSettings. I am not 100% sure this is a bug or a feature, but it is at least behavior I did not expect. You should say that the 2 ways of sending mail (directly or que) should show the same behavior. For now I changed the microflow in this module, but maybe this can be resolved or explained in the next version of this module.
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Thanks for the feedback. We will make this more clear in a next version.