How to use validator.validation client API Mendix 6 in combination with high precision Decimals & BIG.js?

I'm currently running into issues trying to use the Geolocation widget for phonegap out of the AppStore. It gives the error that validator.validation needs to be used before the .set can be used. So I've started to modify the widget, including "mendix/validator" etc in the require. But I now run into the issue that I want to store latitude and longitude attributes. Latitude and longitude can contain far more decimals than 8 after the decimal point. So I would like to know how Mendix would recommend storing this kind of data as float is 'deprecated'. This is just a more generic request for better documentation on what type of attribute to use within Mendix to store values with a higher decimal precision than 8 digits after the decimal point, but also how to use the big.js library in combination with Mendix attributes as currently Mendix just refers to and the validation of these values.
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