How to create link from data in datagrid to another forms?

I have a datagrid to be shown order information. In one column of datagrid, I want to display Job ID as link and link to job information form. How to create link of Job ID in a datagrid? Thanks for answers.
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The short answer is that you can't do that.

The longer answer goes something like this,

Mendix apps are single-page web applications. The presentation of a form is based on the session, the state and the context in which this form is presented. In other words, forms do not have a URL corresponding to their possible states. The state transition from one form to another is handled internally by the client.

As Bart mentioned, there might be a way to work around this with the 'deep linking' App Store module.


You could use the deeplink module in combination with a calculated (microflow) attribute that contains the deeplink ('http://....') needed.