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Just to verify if my though process is correct. I have the following domain: Employee Has many LogEntries Has many FuelStops Has many Mutations The user inherits from the Administration.Account entity which inherits from System.User. To create Employees I am currently copying the whole flow of the Administration/User management/Admin folder to my own module (see image). This works but seems very inefficient to me. Is there a way to use the Administration user management while injecting your own entity? Or maybe something else which makes it possible not to copy all the microflows/ pages from the administration to my own module. SideNote: Is it a good idea to create a how-to on how to manage users best in the documentation. It took me longer then necessary to get the hang of users...
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  1. it isn't the best way to inherit your YourModule.Employee entity from the Administration.Account entity. Because inheritance is about equal entities with an extension (specialization). the Account (User) entity is to handle accounts and facilitates the login mechanism. The Employee is the object in the process, dealing with FuelStops, Mutations etc. So ability to login and your process should be separated. So instead of inheritance use a 1-1 association. The account creation/handling can either be done separate from the Employee creation/handling. or combined in a single page, wizard or automated process. So the account handling microflows/pages can de pending on approach be reused in that scenario.

  2. regarding your side note; noted, will add this to the list of advanced topic we will bring online in the near future


Unless you want to add many additional logic specific for your employee entity you can reuse most of the microflows/pages made for the account entity, since you inherit from that entity all logic will also work on your employee entity.

Especially stuff like RetrieveTimeZones etc. And I'm guessing you won't need the NewWebserviceAccount logic for your employee entity.