ExcelExporter - missing Export Template possibility

Hi all, For a big project I have implemented the Excel Exporter module from the AppStore. I have configured the export of an Excel file with 4 worksheets and in total almost 100 columns. Such a templare is quite time consuming to build, so it would be nice to have an export possibility so the configured template can be imported again when going to other environments. Does anybody have a solution for this? Thanks!
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I'm almost done with developing export functionality for the Excel Exporter. My approach is to create a simplified export domain modal that doesn't have the complexities of the recursion etc. I've writted the XSD from scratch.

If here is anybody with time to help finish this, please contact me.

I hope to have some time this of next week to actually finish it.


Update 20 december 2016:

The Excel Exporter Template Manager is now available.


Problem recognized, I'am not sure if this works but you could try the database replication module. There might be an issue by setting the associations to the MxModelReflection entities.


I recently developed import/export template functionality for the Questionnaire module which has been included in the latest release of that app store module. Something similar should be possible for the XLSReport (Excel Exporter) module. I will take a look at this and see if I can find time to develop the functionality here. I will update this response if I make progress.


I have not been completely successful with this, due to the recursive nature of the domain model which makes it difficult to import. I have basic export/import functionality working through XML with the following issues:

  • I cannot set the correct styles to Sheet or Data row objects as they have a constraint to the template object. I have tried creating through microflows, but cannot retrieve the MxCellStyles linked to the template, presumably because it has not yet been committed.

  • For sheet data rows (MxData, MxStatic, MxColumn) that are based on associations from the MxSheet Row Object, I cannot set the correct retrieve type/association/attribute). There is a similar issue with constraints on the sheet based on associations.

The result is that I can export and import the basic template configuration, but it will not function correctly until you go through and correct the contrains and data associations. It is quicker than recreating large templates from scratch, but still requires considerable cleaning up.

So, I don't know where to go from here. If you think this partial functionality would be of use, let me know and I will send it to you to test - contact me at david.sanders -at- westoverconsulting.co.uk