Testing LicensePoolManager functionality

I have started testing the way LicensePoolManager works using a small test project on a server with a 6-user license key. I have configured it as follows: LicensePoolManager.ServerConcurrentUserLimit true LicensePoolManager.ServerNamedUserLimit true LicensePoolManager.ServerSpecifiedConcurrentUserLimit 5 LicensePoolManager.ServerSpecifiedNamedUserLimit 5 I have set up 2 License Pools as follows: General - Named user limit - unlimited, Concurrent users limit specified as 3 Named Users - Named user limit - specified as 2, Concurrent users limit - unlimited I am logged in as a user in the Named Users Pool to monitor active sessions, and testing how many users in the General Pool can log in concurrently. I expect that 3 concurrent users should be able to log in, but find that actually only 2 can do so. If I increase the General pool concurrent user limit to 4, then only 3 can log in. It looks as though my login (from the Named Users pool) is being counted as if I were part of the General pool. This behaviour seems to be wrong to me. I will do further testing and add any other issues I come across to this post.
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I just uploaded a new version of the LicensePoolManager to the AppStore which solves the above issue.