Jetty Settings

Currently we are using the Mendix Service Console on a Windows machine and are able to use Jetty Settings. What are they? What kind of properties would you put in there? * UPDATE * We are interested in knowing whether these properties are: Specific to your implementation (embedded Jetty). We suspect it is this – and if so, are the thread properties the only ones available? Specific to the standard Jetty start-up options (functionality). We don’t think it’s this – as Jetty is embedded and we are sure you want specific functionality available regardless.
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Here you can put some settings about the count of threads of the Jetty HTTP server in the Mendix system. You use this only when connection problems occur on a server with much HTTP traffic.

For more information, see (search on Jetty).

These settings are specific to our embedded Jetty implementation. There are more settings possible for our embedded implementation, but at this moment, Mendix offers only the settings as described in the documentation to be altered. In most situations, these settings are sufficient. To reduce the load of the embedded Jetty server, it is always good to use a separate web server (IIS/Apache) to serve the static content.