CDATA tags are escaped in request and response by Web Service call activity

Hi, I need to do a service call to a 3rd party application and which expects XML as string (CDATA) in the request message. Therefore I'm limited to use CDATA only. Modeler version: 6.4.0 In a microflow I create the XML string using export xml activity and added CDATA tags around the output. Below is the output with CDATA tags. '<![CDATA[<ProductService><data><xml><value>testvalue</value></xml></data></ProductService>]]>' When Mendix creates the soap body it will escape all unsafe XML symbols even when they are within a CDATA tag as string, the request looks like this: <Body> <ns1:GetMetaData xmlns:ns1=""> <ns1:xmlService> &lt;![CDATA[ &lt;productservice&gt; &lt;xml&gt; &lt;value&gt;testvalue&lt;/value&gt; &lt;/xml&gt; &lt;/productservice&gt; ]]&gt; </ns1:xmlService> </ns1:GetMetaData> </Body> So can any one help me in fixing the issue by sending the CDATA tags without any escaping.
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