View Hybrid mobile app on Mac with parallels

Is it possible to use the View Hybrid mobile app functionality on a Mac running Windows on parallels? I get "The application could not be loaded from the given location. The location is not a Mendix application." when I scan the QR code. I'm on the same Wi-Fi :).
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Yes, it's possible. The trick is to get the Mendix network port (usually 8080) open and tunneled through OSX to your instance of Parallels.

  1. Make sure the port is accessible in the modeler: Project -> Settings -> Configurations -> Open your config -> Server tab -> Runtime port security: Open to other machines
  2. Open the port/tunnel from Mac to Windows via Parallels: see here, make sure you open port 8080
  3. Make sure 8080 is open on the Mac firewall (if enabled). See here for configuration instructions