Bluemix services

Hello all, I'm exploring the possibilities that bluemix brings to mendix, and i'm wondering if it is possible to access the bluemix services through the modeler. Kind regards, Max
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Hi Max,

If you want to deploy to IBM Bluemix, you can. Documentation can be found here. Other features are not yet released in 6.6.0

During the Mendix Hackathon (Mendix World 2016) we got a chance to use a beta version of the new Mendix modeler, which contained a number of Bluemix (e.g. Watson) and AWS (e.g. Redshift) services. These features are currently not available in the officially released Mendix 6 versions. Maybe they are hidden behind a feature toggle (I don't know really =)

However I expect these features to be available in Mendix 7. Mendix 7 is scheduled for October this year and will contain a Java connector kit for a number of services including Bluemix (Watson) and AWS. I think you will need to wait for that or see if you can get an early version of the Java extensions / Mendix connector kit.

With kind regards, Stephan