Issue with second file-upload in Chrome

Hi, I have a similar problem as the person in this thread: When I do a second fileUpload, the popup freezes. It occurs only in Chrome, not in FireFox or IE. I have created a small new project to isolate the problem, but there it persists: I have - 2 entities: message and uploadedDocs with a relation between them (owner is uploadedDocs: multiple docs for 1 message are possible) - I have a form MessageOverview and a MessageNewEdit - In the MessageNewEdit there is a datagrid of uploaded docs that belong to this message, and here there is a uploadedDocsnewEdit to be able to upload the docs The uploadedDocsnewEdit has the problem: If I upload 1 doc, things go fine. If I then just upload a new one, the uploadedDocsnewEdit freezes (and the ajax-loading-image keeps turning). - when I click "cancel" on this form, the file actually IS uploaded Is there a bugreport that describes this issue (perhaps in the thread I mentioned? If not: can (and if so, how?) I work around this problem? Thanks in advance for the answers!
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