Why do associations disappear after deploying new changes

In the application we've created a 'user' entity which has a 1-1 association with the administration.account entity. We have done this because we didn't want to make changes in the administration domain, but we needed to update explicit user information. In the overviews we've added the column user over the association Caring.CarLogUser/Caring.User/Caring.UserAccount/Administration.Account/Administration.Account.FullName. Somehow after each deploy when we added a new CarLog the FullName column didn't fill up anymore. Also the user_account table in the database was empty while the Administration.Account was filled. We had to remove all the users, create new users again. And then if you'd create a CarLog the name would be added to the overview. Does anyone know why the association Carlog_User was emptied after each deploy?
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When and how is the association initially set?
Since it is a association and not inheritance, the object life cycle is separated. Committing the Carlog.User != committing the Administration.Account. So when both objects are new, both must be committed separately.

Or happened this after you changed your model from inheritance to association. If you haven't created a conversion, then the part carlog.user and Administration.account are separated as individual tables and the 1-1 association isn't populated automatically.